Conference Details

Conference Schedule 

Friday Schedule:

  • 11:30am - Pastors' Pre-Conference
  • 2:00pm - Conference Registration
  • 4:00pm - D. A. Carson: "God is Love And He Doesn’t Need Us" 
  • 5:30pm - Dinner
  • 7:00pm - John Piper: "God’s Overflow of Love to Us"
  • 8:45pm - Panel Q&A with Speakers
  • 9:30pm - Pau

Saturday Schedule:

  • 8:00am - Breakfast 
  • 9:30am - D. A. Carson: "Prayer to Live in the Power of the Love of God"
  • 11:00am - Michael Oh: "How God’s Love Flows Through Us"
  • 12:20pm - Lunch (sponsored by Trinity Christian School) and Workshops
  • 3:00pm - Panel Q&A with Speakers
  • 4:30pm - John Piper: "Joy in Suffering"
  • 6:00pm - Pau


Saturday Workshops

Session 1 (12:00pm-1:10pm)

“Do We Need to Choose Between Truth and Tolerance?” - D.A. Carson
When Christians speak about the truth of the gospel they are frequently made to feel old-fashioned and intolerant. Tolerance is considered the supreme good in our society. So what is the way ahead?

"The Gospel and the Local Church” - Todd Morikawa
Commitment to the local church and commitment to Christ are two sides of the same coin. Your commitment to a healthy local church may do more to save souls than you ever realize.

"Everyday Life with the Holy Spirit" - Matt Dirks
The gospel is worked out in our lives by the Holy Spirit, but most of us either ignore him or try to use him for our own purposes. We’ll learn how to relate to the Spirit by looking at Jesus, who modeled a life of radical dependence on the Spirit every day of his life.

"Friended, Followed, Linked, and Liked" - Mike Ohara
The Gospel and Relationships in a “Me” World: When we have an accurate self-valuation we are able to have a healthy approach to relationships. In other words, healthy relationships happen when we correctly see ourselves in light of the gospel. It is then that we can truly think of ourselves less in a culture that makes everything about “me”.

Womens' Workshop: "The Power of Resolve" - Lina Abujamra
Christ called and you followed. You expected it to be easier than it’s turned out to be. You expected him to do above and beyond all you could ask or think. You expected overflow. Is it possible that your resolve has a far greater impact on your world and culture than you might think it does? Is it possible that powerful living isn’t just a current fad, but at the heart of the gospel of Jesus Christ?

Session 2 (1:30pm-2:40pm)

“Gospel-Centered Social Justice” - Michael Oh
Many Christians have a praiseworthy desire to bless the needy, but many only want to “preach the gospel at all times and if necessary, use words.” How can the gospel be the fuel and final goal of our efforts to bring God’s love to a needy world?

"How to Read My Bible" - Chris Bruno
What is the story of the Bible and how do I fit in it? Is the Bible ultimately about me and my personal fulfillment or is there something great at stake? This workshop will trace main themes and key ideas in the storyline of Scripture that will help you see your daily Bible reading in a new light.

"The Gospel and Marriage" - Ray Palompo
How do we love our bride or groom when the luster has been lost?  Look no further than how Christ loves His bride. This workshop will encourage us to see the Gospel as the model for our marriages.

"Redemptive Conflict” - Todd Capen
How can we move toward fellow believers and engage them in light of the Cross? We’ll explore how gospel identity can help us avoid and resolve conflict in our families, churches, and workplaces.

"The Gospel to the Next Generation" - Shane Sowers
We all want to raise kids who are successful, moral, and nice. But more important, how can we raise kids who are transformed by the gospel?

Womens' Workshop: "The Power of Endurance" - Lina Abujamra
In a world of too many options and few repercussions, it’s easy to quit. Don’t!


Pre-Conference Pastors' Workshop

"Small-Church Ministry: The Blessings and Challenges"
D.A. Carson, Matt Dirks, & Chris Bruno

Since the day of Pentecost God has used large churches for some incredible things, but most churches are not large churches. The majority of congregations in the United States have less than 75 people. There are unique opportunities that come with small-church ministry, along with unique challenges. How can small-church pastors take advantage of the blessings, overcome the challenges, and partner together to accomplish kingdom goals they could never achieve alone?


Friday October 17 - 
Saturday October 18, 2014

Ko‘olau Conference Center
44-550 Kionaole Rd.
Kaneohe, Hawaii 96744

Conference Fees:

  • $89 before June 1
  • $109 June 1 - October 13
  • $129 at the door

Included with Registration: 
Friday dinner, Saturday breakfast & lunch* (unless attending 2 workshops)

Other Conference Features: 
Bookstore, Exhibits, Prayer Room

Pastors' Pre-Conference Seminar: "Small-Church Ministry: The Blessings and Challenges"
$20 includes Friday lunch, books, and workshop with D.A. Carson, Matt Dirks, & Chris Bruno